Best Software for Editing Your Book

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You might be discouraged to have your book published because of the time and money that editing entails. You might fear that after your book is subjected to the hands of editors and lay out artists- it will not look or read the way you want it to. In response these sentiments, Adobe Systems developed InDesign. This software is geared to assist people who are into designing and production of periodicals, promotional materials and books.

It is true that word editing programs such as MS Word and Open Office are used by some in editing books. Technically speaking, they are for typing purposes only with limited capabilities of text, paragraph, and picture formatting. They may have tools to come up with a better quality of manuscripts such as spelling and grammar checkers and thesaurus but they are not equipped to produce a better looking book. For layout purposes, they have minimal capabilities especially that objects on each page cannot be easily moved around. They are incapable of creating digital files that are ready for commercial printing and this is because of their inability to fully convert a document into a PDF that is exactly the same in terms of pages, layout, and even styling.

Whereas layout programs like InDesign provide ultimate control over the appearance of every element of every page of a book including its front and back covers because they have better typesetting algorithms. They are well-equipped in terms of graphic manipulation, font resizing, and paragraph spacing. With them, items could easily be moved in a page or to another. It is assured that whatever is seen on screen is what will be seen when the book is printed from the number of pages to styling.

The unique features of InDesign that are not available in any other software and could be of great use in editing a book are as follows:

  • Its availability in several languages thus the writer can work with it without dealing with translations
  • It has flexibility in text settings and examples of which include ligature options; vowels and diacritics positioning; insertion of special Hebrew and Arabic characters; and, bi-directional text flow.
  • It can generate table of contents and indices based on the content of the document.
  • Capability to import and export from and to various file formats without changing the layout, styling, and content.
  • It can do both layouts: from left to right and from right to left
  • Complete paragraph-based type engine that chooses the most appropriate line endings plus letter and word spacing
  • Automatic hanging punctuation where hyphens extend to the margin
  • Optical letter spacing that improves font appearance

With InDesign, you get to save on money paid to layout artists and gain artistic independence because you do not have to be at the mercy of artists who usually prefer to work on big budget projects. It may be expensive but every dollar spent on it is not an expense but an investment with a thousand fold of returns. At first, it may be difficult to use but you’ll easily learn it through free online tutorials. Top publishers all over the world use it thus when you submit your book they will understand your professionalism and know the work invested. There are cases when books, with exceptional topics and writing styles, do no get noticed by the readers and the main reason for this is poor readability. With InDesign you are ensured of excellent readability which could lead to wider readership. With all the special features and advantages, InDesign is the best software for editing your book.

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