Book Marketing Tips

Book Marketing Tips for Self-Publishers

Book Marketing Tips : You have come up with the great writing material ready to be published. What you don’t know is how to make it sell. This article will illustrate clearly how one can go through the entire process of marketing the book for self publishers. Basically various authors prefer when another individual does the herculean task […]

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Self-Publishing: The Importance of a Good Book Cover

Never judge a book by its cover… But we do. At first, at least. What compels someone to purchase a book? It may be that they heard great things about it from someone else. But what if someone is just wandering around a bookstore (which I am known to do), or, what with the e-publishing revolution in full force, skimming the “Books” section on Amazon?

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Do you have a website for selling your book?

In present world when people once decide, they do not have patient to wait for long. Previously selling your book was not that difficult you simply had to make an announcement about your written book on the given subject and interested people bought their copies. But now in this competitive world as the writers has […]

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Promote your book on

The best place to promote your book is, the leading online book retailer. has innovative ways of getting connected with the audience directly. Here are few steps to promote your book on First – Get registered with Amozon and set up your profile with your photo, interests and background. Place the attractive […]

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Publish your book with CreateSpace: get high royalties, low book prices, and expanded distribution.

Promote your Book on Social Networking Sites

Promoting your book on social networking sites is one of those free and easy ways that you can do to promote your book, it’s not as effective as paid promotion but if you do it regularly you will see good results. Many self-published authors don’t even consider using this type of promotion because you will […]

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Write a Press Release for your Book

Press Release is an informative piece which falls in the category of news item. It’s primary aim is not to do selling rather to inform people. However getting correct information about the product creates an urge among the people to buy that product or service to get their money’s worth. People most of the times […]

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Promote your book with book reviews

Promotion of your book through reviews from readers is one of the best ways to achieve great sales for your book. The feelings of the people who have read your book are significant and that you can have through their reviews. If review is genuine you will get all the positive and negative points of […]

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